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Putting you in control of your business!

NZ Pleasures is about making your advertising and your business work for you; therefore, we are here to work with you and give you the tools you need to succeed.

We know that control over your profile is a big deal, there is always a time where you will find yourself wanting to add that new selfie at 2 am and with NZ Pleasures you can. You have control over your profile 24/7 through your very own dashboard, update your profile when and where you need to.

We are part of the community and strive to involve everyone as much as possible in key decisions that affect you. We are also sex worker-led, we think this is vitally important as it helps us to understand what you need and why you need it. We also love keeping in contact with everyone on our social media channels, monthly newsletters, and contact page avenues.

Restrictions are a thing of the past with NZ Pleasures, in fact, we encourage you to post your advertising in as many places as possible. Don’t limit yourself to one market! Your customers will go to many sites to look at adverts before making the big decision, if they see you in more than one place it will reinforce your profile.

Promoting your advertising and building your social profile are also very important aspects to us. We like to help where we can, so NZ Pleasures offers free touring promotion, free links to your business website and Twitter/Switter promotion of your NZ Pleasures profile.

What if you need to contact us over public holidays? Well, we are open 364 days of the year, (Christmas off), from 10 am to 10 pm. We understand that hours in this industry span all 24 hours in a day so we like to be available as much as possible, we will always endeavour to respond to your questions and feedback as quickly as possible.

Our values: To promote, create community, and add value.

Miss Jordan Quinn

I’m Jordan – Co-director and photographer for NZ Pleasures, as well as a full-time escort and sensual masseuse. When I’m not seeing clients or taking photos, you might find me sharing a coffee and a laugh with other sex workers, or curled up with a bag of popcorn and a movie!

I’ve been a sex worker for 4 years, 2 of which I’ve been independent, running my own phones, bookings, and advertising. I’ve worked in both Australia and NZ and compared to advertising in Australia, there was little choice here in New Zealand, and within that choice, you were very restricted. It was partly due to these frustrating restrictions and the inability to have full control over your own advertising that NZ Pleasures was launched.

I’m of the mindset if you want something changed why not do it yourself? I want to be able to give my fellow sex workers a platform they could be proud of, built from their ideas and input, peer-led and which gives back to the community.

I’m proud of how far NZ Pleasures has come and excited to what we bring to the table moving forward.


I’m Sharon, Co-director and Customer Service contact for NZ Pleasures. When I can pull myself away from my computer (workaholic) I like to disappear into my garden or start another DIY project on the house, I haven’t finished many but have started lots.

I have a comprehensive background in customer service and small business management, over 20 years (feeling old now!), so when Jordan introduced me to the community, 4 years ago, and to the platforms that were available I couldn’t help but see that something was lacking and in some cases very very wrong! I feel passionate about people reaching their potential and being able to do so in any way that they wish and I want to help make this happen. To me the needs of the customer come first so building a platform that meets your needs is my foremost goal.

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