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Mistress Dior posing with legs apart, holding a crop infront of her with both hands, head turned to one side. Mistress Dior wears a black leather corset with black leather bra, red gloves and black over the knee boots. NZ Pleasures.
Mistress Dior

Auckland CBD42Updated 2 months agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures. Miss Jordan Quinn lying on her back on a bed, one knee bent up and across other leg, hands above head. Jordan wears a black corselet and red heels and has long brown hair.
Jordan Quinn

New Plymouth30Updated 6 days agoPrivate

Petite Nymphet Layla sitting on the top of a white desk, legs apart, one hand between legs on desk, the other holding a glass of wine. Layla wears a black bra, red pants and her long blonde hair in a ponytail. NZ Pleasures.
Petite Nymphet (Layla)

Wellington City25Updated 2 months agoPrivate

Close up photo of Corrine's legs in black over the knee boots, take from looking down her body. NZ Pleasures.
Available Now

Christchurch52Updated 6 days agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures Andre from stomach to thighs, posing in black jockeys.
Tall Andre

New Plymouth47Updated 6 days agoPrivate

Odette Noir

Wellington City28Updated 1 hours agoPrivate

Spencer Ryan taking a selfie from above while kneeling on a bed, knees wide apart, sitting back on heels. Spencer wears a green bodysuit and has long dark hair. NZ Pleasures.
Spencer Ryan

Dunedin20Updated 21 hours agoPrivate

Lana Amator kneeling on a bed, back to camera, knees wide apart, hands cupping the base of each buttock. Lana wears black and red lingerie with suspender belt and black thigh high stockings. NZ Pleasures.
Lana Amator

Wellington City20Updated last monthPrivate

Ivy Sinclair

Auckland CBD20Updated yesterdayPrivate

Manda Boreallis

Dunedin27Updated 2 days agoPrivate

Charlie Quinn taking a selfie from head to chest, one hand on upper chest. Charlie wears a black bra. NZ Pleasures.
Charlie Quinn

Wellington City31Updated 1 hours agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures. Kali sitting on the end of a bed, legs crossed, one hand beside her, the other resting on side of knee. Kali wears a black teddy and has medium length hair.

Blenheim26Updated 2 days agoPrivate

Jade Delenn lying on her bed on her front, leaning up on elbows, head titled to one side. Jade wears a black bra and black mini skirt and has long dark brown hair. NZ Pleasures.
Jade Delenn

Wellington City23Updated 3 days agoPrivate

Miss Jade sitting with legs crossed, one arm behind back, the other on top of knee. Miss Jade wears a black mini skirt, white long sleeve top and has long black hair. NZ Pleasures.
Miss Jade

Rotorua26Updated 3 days agoPrivate

Angeliquea taking a selfie from lips to hips, smiling at camera. Angeliquea wears a black shoestring strap dress with silver diamantes and has long blonde hair. NZ Pleasures.

Auckland CBD45Updated 17 hours agoPrivate

Portrait style photo of Lilith posing with hands behind back, head titled down, a lock of hair falling over her face. Lilith wears black bodysuit and has long dark brown hair. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City20Updated 4 days agoPrivate

Amelia Appleby sitting amongst pillows on a bed, knees together, hand on side of knee. Amelia wears black lingerie.
Amelia Appleby

Wellington City32Updated 4 days agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures Pandora Black kneeling on the kitchen bench, sitting back on feet, partially back to camera, head turned back towards camera, one thumb hooked in her lingerie. Pandora wears black lingerie and black heels. Pandora has long black hair and dreads with tattoos and some piercings.
Pandora Black

Auckland CBD28Updated 5 days agoPrivate

Nala Ren posing with one hand on front of shoulder, her other hand out to one side, legs slightly apart. Nala wears a black and gold body chain with black panties and gold nipple pastilies. NZ Pleasures.
Hera Du Pont

Wellington City26Updated 5 days agoPrivate

Ivy taking a selfie in the mirror, standing with legs apart, one hand on side of thigh. Izzy wears black lingerie with black thigh high stockings and has some tattoos. NZ Pleasures.

Christchurch26Updated 1 week 3 days agoPrivate

Mistress Lady Alana

East Auckland33Updated 4 days agoPrivate

Miss Wilde kneeling on knees on a bed, hands on tops of thighs, looking at the camera. Miss Wilde wears a black t-shirt that is pulled up just above nipples, black short shorts and black wedge heels. Miss Wilde has medium length brown hair. NZ Pleasures.
Blaze Wilde

Tauranga30Updated 4 hours agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures Black and white photo of Mistress Lazuli sitting cross legged, a cane being bent by both hands. Mistress Lazuli wears a corset, mini skirt, fishnet stockings and calf high boots and has long hair.
Mistress Lazuli

Wellington City36Updated 1 week 3 days agoPrivate

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