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Ashley James

Christchurch27Updated 9 hours agoPrivate

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Jordan Quinn

New Plymouth31Updated 2 weeks agoPrivate

Jon sitting side on on a couch, one arm out across the back of the couch, one leg tucked under the other, hand on leg. Jon wears a blue dress shirt, black pants and has short black hair. NZ Pleasures.
Jon NZ

Auckland CBD35Updated 2 months agoPrivate

Miss Jade taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror, standing side on to mirror. Miss Jade wears black thigh high stockings, black lace panties, black long sleeve crop jumper and has long black hair. NZ Pleasures.
Miss Jade

Rotorua29Updated yesterdayPrivate

NZ Pleasures Black and white photo of Mistress Lazuli sitting cross legged, a cane being bent by both hands. Mistress Lazuli wears a corset, mini skirt, fishnet stockings and calf high boots and has long hair.
Mistress Lazuli

Wellington City36Updated 3 months agoPrivate

Adora kneeling on a bed, sitting back on heels, hands on tops of thighs, back to camera. Adora is naked and has long black hair. NZ Pleasures.

Christchurch46Updated 2 days agoPrivate

Close up photo of Corrine's legs in black over the knee boots, take from looking down her body. NZ Pleasures.

Christchurch52Updated 2 months agoPrivate


Wellington City25Updated 2 days agoPrivate

Jade posing with hands on either side of hips. Jade wears light purple and black lingerie. NZ Pleasures.

Tauranga21Updated last monthAgency

NZ Pleasures. Chloe Beaumont kneeling on one knee on a chair, the other leg extend out behind her, hands on top of chair. Chloe Beaumont wears a black bodysuit and beige heels and has long blonde hair.
Chloe Beaumont

Auckland CBD25Updated 2 days agoPrivate

Mistress V sitting on a metal staircase, knees together, leaning forward on elbows, one hand on opposite thigh, the other out across knee. Mistress V wears black leather top, black stockings, black over the knee boots and has long black hair. NZ Pleasures.
Mistress V

East Auckland37Updated last monthPrivate

Harley Brixton

Auckland CBD44Updated 2 days agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures Vanessa sitting on a bed, leaning slightly back on one hand, her other hand resting on her knee. Vanessa wears a black lace teddy with black stockings and has long brown hair.

Christchurch27Updated 3 days agoPrivate

Ivy taking a selfie in the mirror, standing with legs apart, one hand on side of thigh. Izzy wears black lingerie with black thigh high stockings and has some tattoos. NZ Pleasures.

Christchurch26Updated 6 months agoPrivate

Mistress Lady Alana walking through a very tall two sided gate, hands on either side of gate, one leg in front of the other. Mistress Lady Alana wears a pink latex jacket that cups under the breasts, a white bra and a matching pink skirt, stilettos and has long red hair. NZ Pleasures.
Mistress Lady Alana

East Auckland33Updated 5 months agoPrivate

Maddison kneeling on a bed, sitting back on heels, knees apart, back to camera, turning around to look at camera, one hand on side of thigh. Maddison wears electric blue lingerie, has some tattoos and long dark brown hair. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City30Updated 4 days agoPrivate

Rosa Rylie sitting on the corner of a bed, knees wide apart, one hand on top of chest. Rosa wears a black fishnet stocking top that ties under the breasts and black panties. NZ Pleasures.
Rosa Rylie

Wellington City21Updated 4 months agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures Andre from stomach to thighs, posing in black jockeys.
Tall Andre

New Plymouth48Updated 3 days agoPrivate

Mistress Dior posing with legs apart, holding a crop infront of her with both hands, head turned to one side. Mistress Dior wears a black leather corset with black leather bra, red gloves and black over the knee boots. NZ Pleasures.
Mistress Dior

East Auckland42Updated last monthPrivate

Lana Amator sitting on a bed of white, one leg tucked under the other, which is bent up, her arm across one breast resting on opposite shoulder. Lana wears a white kimono that is offer one shoulder, white wedge pleaser stilettos and has short dark hair. NZ Pleasures.
Lana Amator

Wellington City21Updated 1 week 2 days agoPrivate

Angeliquea kneeling on the floor, one knee bent forward, hand on top of knee, her other hand on back of hip. Angeliquea wears red lingerie with pink fishnet stockings and red heels. NZ Pleasures.

Auckland CBD45Updated 2 weeks agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures. Mia lying on her back, hand resting on pelvis. Mia wears red lingerie and a floral kimono.

Dunedin22Updated 7 months agoPrivate

Madame Bella De'Ville lying on her side on, knees are bent up and wide apart, she holds a paddle to her inner thigh. Madame Bella De'Ville wears a black crop top, black waist belt, black panties and black over the knee pvc boots. NZ Pleasures.
Madame Bella De'Ville

Napier35Updated 1 week 4 days agoPrivate

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