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5'9" / 175cm
I would describe my body type as: Average, Athletic

About Me

If you have been thinking or fantasizing about experiencing a sexual massage of some kind, then I'm a good place to start. I'm based a short drive from Auckland and have done several hundred orgasmic massage sessions in my home-based private massage studio and thousands of regular bodywork sessions.

I love working one on one with women like you who want a man to give you their full attention on taking your orgasmic development to the next level. Wherever you are in your orgasmic journey, its the perfect place for us to start.

My massage room is always private, secure, safe and warm. I use a table warmer during the colder months and a fan during the hot summer months. You will feel luxuriously pampered and taken care of with warm coconut oil.

My studio is odour, smoke and pet free with freshly washed towels and totally discrete and private.

I adapt each session for your unique requirements. My massages are all about getting people into multiple whole-body orgasms. With some people this happens straight away and for others, it takes more time. It's a skill and can take a little time to learn it, and everyone gets there in their own time.

I respect and appreciate all types of human beings and body types and love to coax out and support you in developing your sexual energy and orgasmic abilities. We all have it and its many unique expressions are always beautiful.

What I do is totally unique. One of my clients has had well over 100 sessions, one per week for more than two years. You can read about her experiences in the book, My Orgasmic Massage Therapy Journey, From 20 Years Infertility to Pregnancy by Zak Rymill and Zoe Smith. The book is available on amazon in both ebook and paperback format. If done well, orgasmic yoni massage is one of the most healing forms of bodywork there is and the book documents this very clearly.

The best results do come from regular sessions, and I do love those who will stick to the process longer term. The results are amazing and you get to keep them for the rest of your life.

I am very happy to establish clear boundaries beforehand if that is what you'd like and you are welcome to adjust those boundaries as we move forward if that is what you come to decide. This is all about you. I want you to relax and let go and have the best experience you can. No reciprocation is ever required.


This is a whole-body slow sensual massage including yoni massage. I can adjust things for your requirements, but I usually start with feet, ankles, legs, back, bum and hips, boobs and then the rest of the session is focussed on the yoni massage inside and out.
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Client with Disabilities
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  • Yoni Massage