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7 Hints and tips on how not to text your escort

First Impressions Count

Following these 7 hints and tips on how NOT to text your escort is important, as cliche as it sounds, first impressions count, especially in this industry. For an independent escort, who may decline to reserve you a session time based on your communication skills, you want your first contact to be a winner. Taking the time to appropriately text an escort is not solely reserved for the independent escort, but will also be much appreciated by the staff at parlours and agencies!

Example 1: How not to follow instruction


To not follow simple instruction is the quickest way to frustrate your escort. Many escorts will advertise their preferred method of contact, whether it be text, call, email or an online form. Other instructions may include no private numbers. There are varied reasons why certain contact methods are preferred. Text, for instance, is considered to be more discreet, especially if the escort is already booked, or unable to take your call, whether in public or surrounded by friends and family.

Example 2: How not to show manners

Screen shot of how not to contact a sex worker. NZ Pleasures.

For the sarcastic ones out there the most obvious answer to this question is “no I’m $500”.

Hint 1. Start the message off with a greeting, “Hello” is, generally, a good step.
Hint 2: If you are interested in knowing when the escort is next available ask “When are you next available” or “What is your availability”.
Hint 3: A better answer would be, especially if you have a particular time in mind, is ask politely “Are you free at X time?”. Be flexible, and understand that while in a parlour you may have an array of escorts “available now”, not all independent escorts and agency escorts sit around in their lingerie waiting for you.

Example 3: How not to address your escort

Screen shot of how not to contact a sex worker. NZ Pleasures.

Unless you have a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship, the pet name “baby” isn’t appreciated by many. In fact, pet names, on the whole, are only really tolerated if you have a long-standing relationship with your escort. Each escort has his or her name, using it is polite. Another tip would be to end your message with your name too, or risk being given a name.

Example 4: How to not be bothered reading

number 4 how not to text your escort

Know what it is you want before you make contact. If you’re contacting an escort you’ve obviously found their number from somewhere, most likely an ad, or their website. It’s unlikely that only a number will be displayed, take a minute or two to read the ad, especially services, and rates, to avoid time wasting situations like this:

Example 5: How to not respect your escort

number 4 how not to text your escort

This next step is along similar lines to step 4. Please, please, please if you’re not going to be bothered to read the description of the escort you’re contacting at least know her prices. If they are out of your budget, you have two choices; either choose another escort or start saving your pennies. Never, ever is haggling an appropriate option, and is a one-way ticket to disrespecting your escort and adding yourself to the black list.

Example 6: How to not finish a conversation
number 6 how not to text your escort

If you’ve sent an escort a text, and they have taken the time to respond it is polite to answer. We understand that you may be texting multiple escorts to see who is available, but if an escort has given you the green light or the time you requested, don’t leave them waiting for you. If you don’t want the booking politely decline or apologise for wasting their time. Don’t leave us hanging; we have lives too.

Example 7: How not to find out where to go

number 7 how not to text your escort

Stop for a minute, and consider that fact you are asking a complete stranger for their address! What are the odds of actually gaining this information? Most escorts and agencies will require you to have a confirmed booking before giving out location details. You may be asked for more information such as your name or other screening procedures before an address is given.

And finally the winners of how not to text your escort

number 7 how not to text your escort

Dick pic. Enough said.

Now that you know how not to make contact via SMS, here’s a simple template. Follow this template to be one step ahead of the herd

how to text your escort

If you would like to read more about what to do in the lead up to your booking or before visiting an Agency or Brothel please see our Etiquette page, this will help you to understand what is expected of you and what you can expect.

Do you have any screen shots or messages you wish to share? These can be helpful to show others how NOT to text your escort.

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