Part 3: Why are women less likely to hire a prostitute than men?

This is the third and final part in a three-part series of blog posts about why women are currently less likely than men to hire a male prostitute. If you haven’t already, take a look at part two, which looks at some of the historical contexts to this question.  In this third part, we look a little more closely at the judgement of wider society when it comes to sex work for women and the shaming that often results. We close with some possible ways forward.

Part 1 – Why are women less likely to hire a prostitute than men?

Preface: Terminology In this post, I use the common words “man” and “woman” as terms of convenience. I do not intend to exclude queer or gender-diverse folk; my intention is simply to aim this article primarily towards cis-het women seeking cis-het male prostitutes or companionship services. I am also using the term “prostitute” interchangeably with “escort” or “sex worker” in this post. “Prostitute” is the most common search term currently used on the web.

Client’s Code of Conduct

Recently on Twitter I came across a thread from Erik Ottersson @anotterguy who, with input from clients and companions alike curated a list that outlines beautifully the Code of Conduct that clients should follow. Regardless of the fact that you may be a new client, a seasoned client, or wanting to reflect to see if you can do better, there will be something on this list, if not many things! This list has been recreated with the express permission of Erik Ottersson. Client’s Code of Conduct Imagine that your very best friend is a sex worker – then imagine how you would like them to be treated.

Spanking with Mistress Joysin

Safe, Sexy & Satisfying Spanking The Mistress Joysin Way There are many different styles of spanking, but I am going to solely focus on the way that I feel appeals to the widest audience. Spanking with Mistress Joysin is fun, sexy and playful with no marks or hard pain to worry about and it’s a great lead-up to sex or further impact. Whilst you are both clothed, I want you to work out some ground rules. You need to know what intensity the spankee is happy with and will show your trustworthiness by honouring this.

How do I book an escort?

Your questions answered by Georgie Wolf How to book an escort Thanks to Georgie Wolf for allowing us here at NZ Pleasures to share her writing! The original post can be found here. Join Georgie’s mailing list to receive your free ebook! I’m going to take you through the basic steps you need to know, to successfully arrange an escort session.

Sex Worker Advertising: Photos

Before a client gets to read your profile description; before they even lay eyes on the services you offer and even before they’ve read your bust size, you have an opportunity to give them a wow first impression! They have chosen to click on your profile based on your main image! So, amongst a sea of other images how do you make yours enticing enough that they choose your profile over the others? Below is our 5 hints of do’s and don’ts, and some general tips on how to create the best sex work photos for your profile!

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