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Are you High Class?

If you’re an escort yourself, you’ll understand what it’s like when a curious question is directed your way; “What made you choose this job?”, “Am I your first client of the day?” or “Do you get many bad clients?” just a few examples of the usual suspects. You’ll have mastered the answers for these and brush them off as quickly as they were spat out. That is until a question is asked that stumps you…

“Are you high class?” was proposed to me not long ago over the phone and I thought about this query long after the conversation had ended, days in fact. Not quite being able to put my words into a coherent rebuttal, that represented myself while not displeasing those who are in a different bracket to me, I sought the poetic genius of someone known as Poems4SWs.

Poems4SWs is a self-confessed ally and all round supporter of sex workers worldwide. Neither client nor sex worker themselves, they started the Twitter handle to spread a little ray of sunshine to sex workers by writing unique short poems for every sex worker they came across.

Special thanks to Poems4SWs for the following collaboration and helping my thoughts to sing!

Jordan Quinn


Are You High Class?


Black and white image of a woman's legs in black strappy heels.‘So hey babe, are you High Class?’
Was the question asked of me
‘I’m not sure’, I said, taken aback
‘Let’s have a look and see’

If rates are what define High Class,
Then High Class I am not!
Only 300 bucks an hour
Will get me into your cot!

And yet…

My service is still high class
Though my rates might not reflect it
My clients get the best I have
And most of them respect it

A yellow tinged image showing a pair of stiletto heels, and behind them a bottle of wine laying down next to a wine glass.Some friends of mine charge quite high rates
And market as ‘High Class’
But when we meet, they’re just my mates –
We really have a laugh!

Some rates are high, some in the middle
Some charge less than us
That doesn’t mean that we can go
Just throw them under the bus

If size is what defines High Class
Then High Class I am not!
A size 6 model body’s
Something I just have not got

A pair of watches, one gold, one silver, both encrusted with diamonds around the watch face.I wear High Heels, though Louboutins
Are really too expensive
Do I really need ‘top of the range’
When my wardrobes already extensive?

But still, I take the time to make sure
My clothes they will impress
With stockings, garter belt, lingerie
And that tight little black dress!

If low volume’s what defines High Class
I don’t think I can be
I do not have a cut-off number
For the clients I will see

A boudoir, decked put with red velvet, chandeliers and a high top bed head.My incall’s neat and tidy
When on tour I stay 4-star
The atmosphere is more important
Than the name of my boudoir

I might swear like a sailor
But in bookings I’m demure
I’ll be the perfect dinner date
Of that you can be sure

Elite, high class, low volume
Ex-clu-sive or lux-u-ry!
When all is said and done
A small Italian town nested on the edge of a lake. The buildings are cream with orange rooves and surrounded by trees.We all suck dick upon our knees

So tell me, am I High Class?
Authenticity I exude
My service is my service
Class is just an attitude!




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