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Sex Worker Advertising: About Me

The first step in improving your sex worker advertising is looking at your descriptions or ‘about me’ blurb. How do you write about yourself in a way that’s guaranteed to attract client attention?

Below are my 6 hints and tips on writing your advertising description

“Is Your Description Too Cliché?”

When I first went independent one of the first things I decided to jump straight into was my new bio; my description for my ads. Before this, my madam would write all manner of lovely copy for my ads and place them on my behalf. Apart from adding in the specifics, like my height, eye colour and perhaps my likes, I never needed to write a sentence. Now I was newly independent, placing my own ads and the content that went with them. I enjoy writing and didn’t think it would be as hard as it was! When it comes to describing oneself I think many people, including myself, struggle. I would type a sentence and delete it again. Am I using too many clichés? Are there too many puff words? Have I used the words “I”, “I”, “I” and “Me”, “Me”, “Me” too much? Can I say that? I sound so vain!

And like that, I would give up.

So after many years of practice, I’m here to help those of you out who are experiencing the struggles of talking about YOURSELF!

Let’s begin with the following –

  1. A woman holding a pen to her lips, thinks about what to write in her diaryIdentify your target audience and write to them

    Only you know who you want to reach and the words you use along with the style in which you write will attract different people. For example; “I’m easy going, big tits, nice ass, avail for quickies” will attract a different audience to “My personality will make you feel at ease. I have a beautiful physique with a bountiful bust and am available for short rendezvous”.

  2. What are your favourite features, traits, hobbies or likes?

    Don’t worry about what others have that you don’t, write a short list of all your best qualities, remembering your target audience and work those qualities into your blurb. They may be physical or describe your personality. Secondly write about what you like to do with your spare time, as this will also paint a picture to prospective clients about who you are and attract those you’re more likely to get along with.

  3. Points of View

    Should you write in first person or third person? First person POV is “I enjoy cheese”, while third person POV is “Jordan enjoys cheese”, each giving a different feel to the story being told. There is no hard and fast rule (though if you ask this person there is). For clients though, if you write in the first person the information given feels likes its coming straight from you and is more personal. Writing in the third person may give the impression that you belong to an agency or brothel, or that someone is writing on your behalf (which is perfect if you are a managed sex worker). Whichever POV you choose to write in, make sure you stick to that style the whole way through your description, avoid jumping between the two!

  4. A young blonde hair woman reads the dictionarySpelling and Grammar

    Writing to your audience includes spelling and grammar. I personally wasn’t very good at high school English, so one tip I always use is writing my descriptions in Microsoft word first, using the spell checker and then copying it into my ad. A lot of people find it hard to read shorthand text/slang and if ur bio iz ritten lik dis al da way thru it may deter clients from reading further.

  5. Avoid clichés if you can

    Using too many cliches may result in your ad sounding just like the next ad. I bet you could find multiple ads that all say, “I’m easy going”. Some phrases are commonplace in sex worker ads and they’re hard to avoid. Instead, try using different adjectives, is a simple way of finding alternative words, just make sure they fit the context.

  6. Why bother when clients don’t even read my ad?

    It’s true, a lot of potential clients skip all the wording and jump straight to the pictures and phone number but remember point 1. Who are you wanting to attract? You could stick with only writing “I’m easy going, big tits, nice ass, avail for quickies” and your ad will suit those who aren’t interested in reading, but you’ll miss all those clients who book based on whether they feel you’re a good match to them.
    Many clients don’t book purely on photos, they want to know that you have similar interests to them and that conversation and connection will evolve, not just sex. Don’t skimp on writing a good description, make a great first impression!

Open a word doc and do a few drafts of your ad description until you find the right blurb. You can adjust or completely rewrite your description at any time to keep it fresh!

Jordan Quinn is an independent Wellington-based escort. A sex worker since 2014 and is the co-owner of NZ Pleasures.


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