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Sex Worker Advertising: Photos

Before a client gets to read your profile description; before they even lay eyes on the services you offer and even before they’ve read your bust size, you have an opportunity to give them a wow first impression! They have chosen to click on your profile based on your main image!

So, amongst a sea of other images how do you make yours enticing enough that they choose your profile over the others?

Below is our 5 hints of do’s and don’ts, and some general tips on how to create the best sex work photos for your profile!

  1. Avoid obscure images

    While an image may look great on its own, images that aren’t clear immediately as to what is being shown will be lost. A client who is scrolling through rows of images is less likely to take an extra moment to figure out what this obscure image is, and will instead be attracted by those images that are clear and appealing to the eye.

    For instance, see the photo to the right. It is not immediately clear what is being shown, and if a client or yourself were flicking past profiles at speed until one caught your eye, I doubt you’d stop for the blur of blacks and browns.

  2. Intense close-ups aren’t ideal

    The closer you get to an object the more likely the image is to blur or pixelate, and you don’t want the client’s first impression of you to be a poor quality photo!

    Intense close-up photos fail to portray the scene or the person well and give little information to what a person is like.

    Ask yourself, “what is this image saying about me?”. This nipple, for instance, does it give you any clue as to what the owner of said nipple is like?

  3. Use high-resolution photos

    As a general rule avoid uploading blurry or low-quality images, especially those that are simply too small, that are guaranteed to pixelate as you enlarge them. While it’s easy to say “that’ll do”, what is the message you’re sending to potential clients? Take a moment to reshoot that blurred photo or that phone image that’s just too small.

  4. Invest in your business

    Whether it’s with an award-winning photographer, a gifted hobbyist or paying a friend in beer to help you out, investing in having your photos taken is well worth it, sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money. Do a little research on photographers you like. Compare price, style and if they are industry-friendly, then decide how much you’re willing to invest. Don’t go broke just for photos, be realistic; how many bookings will it take you to cover the photo-shoot?

  5. Taking selfies that look pro

    Woman taking a selfie with her phone. She's wearing dark sunglasses, a white top and strikes a pose for the camera.Not keen on having professional photos taken? You can still create a stunning profile with selfies! Especially with the quality cameras in mobile phones these days and a few useful hints and tips;

    Sufficient Light – take your selfies near a window with natural light to avoid dark images and harsh shadows. Light allows for better detail and reduces the appearance of pixelation too!
    Make use of your phones camera timer – Set your phone up on a table or chair and set the timer to 5 to 10 seconds, allowing enough time to get into position. If you don’t have a front camera and therefore cannot see what your shooting, use the reflection of a mirror in front of the phone to guide you.
    Avoid cropping your selfie too much – Cropping small images often leads to more distortion and pixelation. Try to fill the frame when taking the photo to avoid reducing its quality by cropping after.
    Clean up! Wherever you plan on shooting, make yourself the main object of the photo by clearing any clutter that may appear in the scene. Don’t let clients become distracted by what’s behind you in the bathroom, bedroom or lounge.

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Don’t forget any raunchy or risque photos need to go under our VIP photos section and will, therefore, be hidden from public view. Clients will need to be a VIP member to view these photos

Jordan Quinn is an independent Wellington-based escort. A sex worker since 2014 and is the co-owner of NZ Pleasures.

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