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Petite Nymphet Layla sitting on the top of a white desk, legs apart, one hand between legs on desk, the other holding a glass of wine. Layla wears a black bra, red pants and her long blonde hair in a ponytail. NZ Pleasures.
Petite Nymphet (Layla)

Wellington City25Updated last monthPrivate

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Leah Nyx

Wellington City31Updated 16 hours agoPrivate

Charlie Quinn kneeling on elbows and knees on the floor, side on to camera. Charlie wears a long sleeve black top, black fishnet stockings and black boots. NZ Pleasures.
Charlie Quinn

Wellington City31Updated 1 week 5 days agoPrivate

Sofia posing side on to camera, head turned to look at camera, hands on knees, bending forward. Sofia wears a white sports bra, pale yellow pleated mini skirt and has medium length blonde hair. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City25Updated 3 days agoPrivate

Alex posing with one hand on side of face, the other on side of hip, head slightly tilted to one side. Alex wears a black bodysuit with short sleeves and has shoulder length light brown hair, a few tattoos and piercings. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City21Updated 2 months agoPrivate

Matilda Watts kneeling on a bed, knees apart, one hand on front of shoulder, the other on front of thigh. Matilda wears a black, white and leopard print bodysuit, white kimono that is off one shoulder and has long dark hair. NZ Pleasures.
Tilly Watts

Wellington City23Updated yesterdayPrivate

NZ Pleasures. Arona Nangi perching on the windowsill, one legged crossed over the other, thumbs hooked into the top of bra. Arona Nangi wears black lingerie with black fishnet stockings and red platform heels.
Arona Nangi

Hutt Valley29Updated 1 week agoPrivate

Gothic Doll posing in a bathroom, one hand up on the shower rail. Gothic Doll wears a red Hello Kitty singlet and black mini skirt, has long black hair and some tattoos. NZ Pleasures.
Gothic Doll

Wellington City22Updated last monthPrivate

Lana Amator kneeling on a bed, back to camera, knees wide apart, hands cupping the base of each buttock. Lana wears black and red lingerie with suspender belt and black thigh high stockings. NZ Pleasures.
Lana Amator

Wellington City20Updated 2 weeks agoPrivate

Diana Mojo posing in front of two mirrors on the wall, hands either side of mirror on the wall, one knee bent forward, head to one side. Diana wears black lingerie, her reflection in the mirror and has shoulder length brown hair. NZ Pleasures.
Diana Mojo

Wellington City23Updated last monthPrivate

Rosa Rylie sitting on the corner of a bed, knees wide apart, one hand on top of chest. Rosa wears a black fishnet stocking top that ties under the breasts and black panties. NZ Pleasures.
Rosa Rylie

Wellington City20Updated 2 weeks agoPrivate

Cropped photo of Laura Arcturus from lips to chest, wearing a light blue bra with white lace, her long brown hair down one side of chest. NZ Pleasures.
Laura Arcturus

Wellington City25Updated 2 months agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures Amanda Jameson posing in the kitchen, side on to camera, hands on bench in front of her, looking at camera. Amanda Jameson wears a black sleeveless short dress that is pulled up to show some of her buttocks. Amanda Jameson has long blonde hair and a few tattoos.
Amanda Jameson

Wellington City35Updated 2 months agoPrivate

Daniel taking a selfie of his topless chest and stomach. NZ Pleasures.

Hutt Valley39Updated last monthPrivate

NZ Pleasures. Maddison posing with thumb pulling on suspender belt strap. Maddison wears red lingerie and has long brown hair.

Wellington City28Updated last monthPrivate

Amelia Appleby sitting amongst pillows on a bed, knees together, hand on side of knee. Amelia wears black lingerie.
Amelia Appleby

Wellington City32Updated last monthPrivate

Luke posing with hands in jean pockets. Luke wears a white t-shirt, black jacket and black jeans. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City26Updated last monthPrivate

Max posing with one leg up on a white cube, arm up in air with hand resting on shoulder blade, her other hand on hip. Max wears white lingerie with beige stockings with black tops and beige heels. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City21Updated last monthAgency

Lucca kneeling with back to camera, leaning on elbows on low plinth in front of her, feet together, head turned to one side. Lucca wears magenta lingerie with stockings and gold stilettos and has long blonde hair. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City23Updated last monthAgency

Rita lying on her back, knees bent up, hand by side of head. Rita wears black lingerie with suspender belt and thigh high stockings. NZ Pleasures.

Hutt Valley33Updated last monthPrivate

Ivy Grace standing in front of a mirror, one leg in front of the other, hands up on either side of mirror, back to camera. Ivy wears a emerald green bodysuit with a velvet upper, black over the knee boots and has long auburn hair. NZ Pleasures.
Ivy Grace

Wellington City27Updated last monthPrivate

NZ Pleasures Annie posing in a black and purple bodice and pink satin kimono.

Wellington CityUpdated 2 months agoPrivate

Laura Plamer lying on her back a bed of white, arms over breasts, one leg bent up and across hip. Laura is naked except for fairy lights that are draped across her body. Laura has short black hair and wears glasses. NZ Pleasures.
Laura Palmer

Wellington City25Updated last monthPrivate

Roxy perching on the edge of a step, leaning back on hands behind her, one knee bent up, head titled back, smiling. Roxy wears a purple bodysuit, thigh high stockings with purple tops and gold stilettos. Roxy has shoulder length black hair. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City19Updated last monthAgency

NZ Pleasures. Phoenix kneeling on the middle of a bed, knees wide apart, back to camera, hands on backs of thighs, head titled back. Phoenix wears black lingerie and stockings and has long blonde hair.

Wellington City28Updated 2 months agoPrivate

Pepper kneeling on a bed, knees wide apart, sitting back on heels, hands cupping breasts, head titled back, mouth open. Pepper wears black lingerie, black thigh high stockings and has long black hair. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City31Updated 2 months agoPrivate

Wellington Escorts on NZ Pleasures. NZ’s Cultural Capital just got HOTTER!

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city. It’s cultural, it’s quirky, it’s cool but yet oh so HOT! Heat up your time in the capital city by selecting from a large range of Wellington escorts and agencies. Moreover, where better to view them than on NZ Pleasures!

Please note that the adult advertisements loaded on to NZ Pleasures are done so by the sex workers themselves. We are simply the adult directory platform (much like a newspaper classified section). NZ Pleasures is not responsible for their advertisement content or their actions.

As most adult advertisers are private. These listings have been created by them. To differentiate between Private and agency listings we have a notification on the front of their profiles.

Find high class private escorts in Wellington.

Wellington is home to a large range of private escourts. It consists of those who are locals, those who work around their everyday lives. Followed by touring providers who come from other areas of New Zealand, or fly in from overseas. You will find them listed here on NZ Pleasures

Wellington brings out the best of the New Zealand sex industry. In fact it is noted that providers in this area are some of the hottest, well known beauties NZ has to offer. The city is home to independent escorts, also known as private escorts, and several escort agencies and parlours.

What to do with your Wellington escort…

Perhaps you are traveling through and would like a little companionship. In particular, how about a dinner out which leads to something more. You’ll be spoiled for choice with our beautiful  companions and the array of bars and restaurants; Wellington plays host to more cafes and restaurants than New York!

As for activities, won’t know where to start! Anything from a mild walk through the Botanical Gardens after taking the Cable Car, and perhaps a tour through Te Papa. To the more active activities such as indoor rock climbing at Fergs, or hiring one of their paddle boards to enjoy the city from another angle.

Spending more than a day in the capital? There are so many tours that you could enjoy and tours are always more enjoyable when you share them with someone else. Wine tours, nature tours, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit tours, and so much more.

What is the difference between an Independent Escort and an Agency Escort.

  • Independent providers answer their own phones and make their own bookings. They decide their own rates and work when they want to. This is great for those who may only want to work a day or two during the week. It takes a lot for a sex worker to be independent, essentially, they are their own small business owner and must adhere to the laws of New Zealand.
  • Agencies on the other hand will run the business for the sex worker. They will manage the phones and book the appointments. Also, each agency will have a list of services that they offer and prices for each of these. Lastly, the provider may have set hours, as will the brothel, however they deal with walk-in clients as well. These agencies also need to adhere to the laws of NZ but they have additional criteria they must also maintain.

Contacting your Wellington Prostitute.

Each beautiful companion has stated on their profile the ways in which they wish to be contacted. Some providers may have written in their bio exactly how they like the client to contact them. This could be an outline of what to write via email or text message. It is important that you look for this information as it will set your rendezvous up for success from the beginning.

For more information on how to contact, or how not to contact your escort please check out the following blogs: How do I book an escort? 7 Hints and tips on how not to contact your escort, and our highly educational blog on Etiquette.

Remember etiquette is an escorts foreplay!

Is Sex Work Legal in New Zealand

Sex work was decriminalized in New Zealand in 2003 with the passing of the Prostitution Reform Act.

What’s the difference between Decriminalized and Legalization.

Decriminalization is better than legalization in the following ways.

  • Firstly, decriminalization gives escorts the same protection as any other worker in any primary industry in NZ.
  • Secondly, the Police do not specifically target Sex Workers.
  • Thirdly, adult entertainers have legal avenues they can take if an employer or client breaks the law.

The Prostitution Reform Act 2003 (PRA) is a world breaking piece of legislation. It is often referenced by other countries when they are creating their own laws around the sex industry.

What does the PRA mean for me as an escort’s client.

Requesting a service from an escort is just the same as any other business you would visit. For example Lawyers or Doctors. First and foremost the escort can decide who they will give their service to. Second, they can choose to end the service at any time if they wish even if it is part way through the booking. Third, they set their own standards and the standard of those with whom they meet.

In addition to the above, the PRA also sets out specific health guidelines that must be adhered to. Such as, no natural service. Consequently, this means that any client who requests a service without protection is breaking the law. Services of this nature include, but are not limited to, unprotected intercourse, anal and blowjobs. Asking for these services may have your chosen escort banning you from ever using their service.

Do you want to learn more about the PRA? Visit the New Zealand Legislation website.

Become an NZ Pleasures VIP

Wish you could see more of your chosen escort? Why not become a VIP! Advertisers have the choice of uploading exclusive content, don’t miss out on all the extras.

As a VIP you also gain access to our community pages. Here you can interact with our advertisers, ask questions and find information.

Why advertise with NZ Pleasures?

Adult entertainers post their advertisements on NZ Pleasures for several reasons including but not limited to:

  1. NZ sex workers have 24/7 access to their profiles.
  2. Run by a successful New Zealand escort. This helps us to keep a focus on what the prostitution community of NZ is currently after.
  3. You can interact in new and exciting ways with clients and advertisers by way of our community section.
  4. NZP sponsors and creates sex worker events. We are regular sponsors of SWoA (Sex Workers of Aotearoa) and other community related events.
  5. NZ Pleasures is not focused on the money. The focus is on creating a platform that helps to promote and build our advertisers businesses. Keeping costs low so people can afford to advertise with us.
  6. Increasing business for those who advertise through us is a main focus. We working tirelessly to increase our traffic volume so that they can extend their client reach via our escort directory.

NZ Pleasures Values are : To Promote, Create Community, and Add Value. When it comes to making any changes with NZ Pleasures we keep these in mind.

Escort Agencies and Parlours in Wellington

Their boutique brothel is conveniently located right in the heart of Wellington’s CBD. Paradise Club’s location is perfect for a lunch time pick me up or an indulgent weekend treat! No need to be shy, their ladies are all hired for their charm, empathy, and beauty. You can be confident knowing the lady of your choice will relish in every moment of your time together.

Funhouse Logo, Wellington escort Agency

Funhouse is Wellington’s elite female escort agency. Delivering a combination of the widest range of adult services, including full service. Additionally, Funhouse delivers a Madam with the best reputation in the industry, and the incredible women who work with her. Their inner city premises are luxurious and discreet.

The Kitten Lounge is the capitals ultimate playmate parlour.

Whether your wanting passionate affection & attention, a deep fantasy/fetish fulfillment you crave or anything in between. At The Kitten Lounge, you can play the your way. So come and experience what your dreams are made of. The Kitten Lounge is open 7 days from 10am until late and there is no need to make a booking, however they are encouraged.

The Bedroom offers the most attractive escorts in Wellington City. Their well educated courtesans are for men looking for more than just a hurried encounter. The Bedroom delivers an authentic girlfriend experience in their discreet, clean and beautifully presented apartment. Their facilities give you a taste of luxury while providing an intimate date.