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Client Etiquette

*the term provider in the following covers escorts, parlours & agencies

NZ Pleasures was built with you in mind, so finding what you seek is as easy as refining the details of your desired encounter or using the tabs provided. Search specific details such as age or bust size, or browse freely through all the stunning and tempting profiles. NZ Pleasures is not an agency or madam, but a directory. You may contact the provider directly via the afforded avenues, whether that be phone, text or email.

NZ Pleasures aims to encourage our advertisers to provide all necessary details a client such as yourself is looking for. Please take the time to read through the profiles before contacting a provider with questions they may already have posted on their profile.

Make sure your first contact with your chosen provider is succinct, clear and courteous. Some providers may prefer SMS over phone calls as they may not be able to answer. Always read providers preferred measure of contact before making contact.
The best tips we can give a newbie punter, (and a refresher for those well-seasoned):

The three C’s – courteous, clear and clean.

First impressions count! Set the tone by introducing yourself by your name or chosen punting name, if not at the beginning, then at the end. When corresponding, use complete sentences, full words instead of shorthand and address your provider the same way you would any other business. Do not use foul or derogatory language, and never try to negotiate the price.
A bad first impression is often irreversible, so remember to be courteous. If you would like some examples on how NOT to contact your escort please see our blog, aptly titled How not to text your escort, a lot can be learned from this post.

Not many people in this world are mind readers. If there’s something particular you would like, you need to request it, but do not request illegal services or services explicitly stated as unavailable. If you’re unsure of something, ask politely. Communication is key. When contacting a provider, there is certain information vital to making a successful booking, when would you like an appointment? What is your preferred time of day? What session are you after? And for how long would you like to stay? Contributing this information in a courteous manner will improve your chances of securing a booking. Be clear.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Now that you have secured a booking, you’re about to get up close and personal. Hygiene is key; arrive trimmed, brushed and with a light deodorant on. Many providers will require you to have a shower before the booking proceeds; take it. You can never be too clean. Use the mouth wash if available. The first step to an enjoyable booking is hygiene, be clean.