Adult Advertisers in Otago

Spencer Ryan taking a selfie from above while kneeling on a bed, knees wide apart, sitting back on heels. Spencer wears a green bodysuit and has long dark hair. NZ Pleasures.
Spencer Ryan

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Manda Boreallis

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NZ Pleasures. Mia lying on her back, hand resting on pelvis. Mia wears red lingerie and a floral kimono.

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Anna bending over a bed, buttocks to camera. Anna wears black lingerie and has long dark hair. NZ Pleasures.

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Roxy posing side on to camera, one leg in front of the other, hand on hip. Roxy wears black lingerie and a pink cardigan. NZ Pleasures.
Roxy (Foxy)

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NZ Pleasures. Delicious Debbie sitting on the edge of a table, leaning back on hands, knees bent up. Debbie wears a blue bodysuit.
Delicious Dixie

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