Wellington Escorts

Layla Morgan lying on her side on a bed, one knee bent up, hand on knee. Photo taken from above. Layla wears a white bra, blue floral panties and black knee high stockings. NZ Pleasures.
Layla Morgan

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Cropped photo of Laura Arcturus from lips to chest, wearing a light blue bra with white lace, her long brown hair down one side of chest. NZ Pleasures.
Laura Arcturus

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NZ Pleasures. Addison Lane lying on her side, leaning up on elbow, her other hand holding a pillow in front, knees bent up. Addison wears light green floral lingerie and has medium length brown hair.
Addison Lane

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NZ Pleasures Black and white photo of Mistress Lazuli sitting cross legged, a cane being bent by both hands. Mistress Lazuli wears a corset, mini skirt, fishnet stockings and calf high boots and has long hair.
Mistress Lazuli

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Close up photo of Mary Jane Honey from breasts to hips, wearing red lingerie. NZ Pleasures.
Mary Jane Honey

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Alice Blake

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Petite Nymphet Layla sitting on the top of a white desk, legs apart, one hand between legs on desk, the other holding a glass of wine. Layla wears a black bra, red pants and her long blonde hair in a ponytail. NZ Pleasures.
Petite Nymphet (Layla)

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Talia Penmore leaning on her buttocks against a wall behind her, legs together, one hand on side of thigh, the other pulling on the strap of her bra, head turned away from camera. Talia Penmore wears red lingerie, has many tattoos and short black hair. NZ Pleasures.
Talia Penmore

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Gothic Doll taking a selfie in the mirror, wearing a white bra. Gothic Doll has long black hair and a tattoo. NZ Pleasures.
Gothic Doll

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Laura Plamer lying on her back a bed of white, arms over breasts, one leg bent up and across hip. Laura is naked except for fairy lights that are draped across her body. Laura has short black hair and wears glasses. NZ Pleasures.
Laura Palmer

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Lucy sitting on the front of a chair, one knee bent up, hand resting on top of knee, her other leg extended out to one side, hand on ankle. Lucy wears black lingerie, black thigh high stockings, black stilettos and has long blonde hair. NZ Pleasures.

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Roxy perching on the edge of a step, leaning back on hands behind her, one knee bent up, head titled back, smiling. Roxy wears a purple bodysuit, thigh high stockings with purple tops and gold stilettos. Roxy has shoulder length black hair. NZ Pleasures.

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NZ Pleasures. Phoenix kneeling on the middle of a bed, knees wide apart, back to camera, hands on backs of thighs, head titled back. Phoenix wears black lingerie and stockings and has long blonde hair.

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Pepper kneeling on a bed, knees wide apart, sitting back on heels, hands cupping breasts, head titled back, mouth open. Pepper wears black lingerie, black thigh high stockings and has long black hair. NZ Pleasures.

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Lana Amator kneeling on a bed, knees wide apart, partially side on to camera, turning around to look at camera, fingers on chin, the other arm in mid air. Lana wears black and maroon lingerie with suspender belt and black thigh high stockings. NZ Pleasures.
Lana Amator

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Diana Mojo lying on her back on the end of a bed, one foot on ground, the other leg is bent up, foot under other leg, hand on top of thigh, the other arm is above head. Diana wears black lingerie with suspender belt, black thigh high stockings and a teal short kimono that is undone. NZ Pleasures.
Diana Mojo

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Jade Delenn lying on her bed on her front, leaning up on elbows, head titled to one side. Jade wears a black bra and black mini skirt and has long dark brown hair. NZ Pleasures.
Jade Delenn

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April reclining on one hand, knees bent up, other hand on side of hip. April wears a black bodysuit, black thigh high stockings, black stilettos and has black hair. NZ Pleasures.

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Candy sitting on the edge of a low stool, legs bent, feet wide apart, arms between legs, one hand resting on other hand. Candy wears a red bodysuit, gold heels and has blonde/pink hair. NZ Pleasures.

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NZ Pleasures Sir Kit dripping body wax onto a clients bare bottom. Sir Kit wears deep burgundy lingerie and black lace dress.
Sir Kitt

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NZ Pleasures. Maddison posing with thumb pulling on suspender belt strap. Maddison wears red lingerie and has long brown hair.

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Alex posing with one hand on side of face, the other on side of hip, head slightly tilted to one side. Alex wears a black bodysuit with short sleeves and has shoulder length light brown hair, a few tattoos and piercings. NZ Pleasures.

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Luke reclining on a bed, side on to camera, one knee bent up, hand by thigh. Luke wears a black jacket, undone, white t-shirt and black jeans. NZ Pleasures.

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Max posing with one leg up on a white cube, arm up in air with hand resting on shoulder blade, her other hand on hip. Max wears white lingerie with beige stockings with black tops and beige heels. NZ Pleasures.

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Wellington Escorts

Deemed the “Coolest Little Capital” by the Lonely Planet Guide, you are sure to find all your pleasures here in New Zealand’s second largest city, Wellington. Known as the “Windy City” you’ll be swept away by our Wellington Escorts.

With over 70 New Zealand girls, guys and trans escorts in Wellington currently advertising with us, we invite you to take your time and relish in all the sexy, sensuous images that our NZ girls in Wellington have loaded, or dive into the delicious images of our male and trans escorts. Choice, as you will discover, is not something you will be short of at NZ Pleasures, New Zealand’s Escort Directory.

Could you be looking for more? Possibly…so, why not check out our other great advertising pages. Perhaps you would like to go to an established agency or have a relaxing sensual massage, what about fulfilling that fantasy with one of our sexy advertisers located on the BDSM/Fetish page – The choice is yours

With one simple phone call or a short text conversation, you could have yourself an hour of pleasure, perhaps longer. The sexy NZ girls in Wellington you see above are all professionals so please be courteous when you contact them. It is IMPORTANT to read their profiles fully, it will tell you what services they offer, their rates, working hours, and how to contact them. You DON’T want to be one of those guys who looks unprofessional by not reading their profile and asking questions that have already been answered.

If you would like to sharpen up your communication skills before you start your communications please see our etiquette page or our blog 7 hints and tips on how not to contact your escort. Both will provide you with valuable information to make your time/s with your Wellington escorts mind-blowing.

Some of the escorts in Wellington may also offer services such as dinner dates and overnights, as with all their specified services and rates what they state as their fee is their fee, it’s rude to haggle in this industry and it could see the cancellation of your time together, be a gentleman, not a Scrooge.

So as a parting word to the wise, read their profile – actually, read it, have a look at our blog and etiquette page, and contact them with exactly what you want. These adorable advertisers have busy lives so having to answer 30 texts to get to an actual booking is just frustrating. Spoil your escort and you will be spoilt in return.

Wellington Backpage

With the recent closure of Wellington Backpage due to the passing of the FOSTA/SESTA Acts in the US this has led to a vast number of escorts advertising on other sites. This may have caused you to lose touch with that wonderful NZ girl that you would always have found on the Wellington Backpage site. We hope that you will be able to find them again here on NZ Pleasures. You may also be able to locate that beautiful New Zealand escort from NZ Personals or Craigslist Wellington as well.

What to do with your Wellington escort…

Perhaps you are traveling through and would like a little companionship, a dinner out which leads to something more. You’ll be spoilt for choice with our beautiful Wellington Escorts and the array of bars and restaurants; Wellington plays host to more cafes and restaurants than New York!

As for activities, again Wellington is surrounded by so many choices you won’t know where to start. Anything from a mild walk through the Botanical Gardens after taking the Cable Car, and perhaps a tour through Te Papa. To the more active activities such as indoor rock climbing at Fergs, or hiring one of their paddle boards to enjoy Wellington from another angle.

Are you spending more than a day in the capital? There are so many tours that you could enjoy and tours are always more enjoyable when you share them with someone else. Wine tours, nature tours, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit tours, and so much more.