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NZ Pleasures is the 3rd top ranking escort directory in New Zealand.

Why choose NZ Pleasures for your marketing?

Our 2.0 release of our website brings many new features that other leading directories do not have. We have a lot of new features planned so we are only going to improve. This means our traffic will increase and we have a good chance to improve our ranking within NZ.

Full management of your ads

Create new ads and manage existing ones yourself at anytime by going into your account and clicking on the Marketing tab.

See how your tracking with built in statistics

We track the views and clicks on your ad and you can see these anytime in your account. The “Full Statistics” button will take you to a stats graph where you can download your statistics in PDF format.

Cost per Click (CPC) and Cost per Views (CPM) pricing model

We use CPC and CPM pricing models. CPC stands for Cost Per Click and CPM for Cost Per Thousand Impressions. This pricing model means you only pay for how many times your ad has been clicked (CPC) or viewed (CPM).

Choose which areas you would like to place yourself

We have created a handy diagram below so you can see where the advertising placements are.

Homepage Placement

Directory Placement

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