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Jon sitting side on on a couch, one arm out across the back of the couch, one leg tucked under the other, hand on leg. Jon wears a blue dress shirt, black pants and has short black hair. NZ Pleasures.
Jon NZ

Auckland CBD35Updated 2 months agoPrivate

Harley Brixton

Auckland CBD44Updated 2 days agoPrivate

NZ Pleasures Andre from stomach to thighs, posing in black jockeys.
Tall Andre

New Plymouth48Updated 3 days agoPrivate

Christian posing naked except for a blue shirt that is undone, sleeves rolled up to elbows, one hand pulling the shirt across his lower regin, head tilted down to one side. NZ Pleasures.

West Auckland30Updated 1 week agoPrivate

Daniel taking a selfie of his topless chest and stomach. NZ Pleasures.

Hutt Valley39Updated 4 months agoPrivate

Roman lying on his back, arms by side, t-shirt pulled. Roman wears a black t-shirt and black track pants. NZ Pleasures.

Invercargill25Updated 5 months agoPrivate

Seth taking a selfie from chest down, hand in top of pants. Seth is topless and wears light brown pants. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City33Updated 5 months agoPrivate

Shapironz lying on his back topless taking a selfie from above of chest and stomach. Shapironz has tattoos on his upper chest, stomach on arm. NZ Pleasures.

Ashburton23Updated 5 months agoPrivate

David Shetland standing with back to camera, legs apart, vacuuming a lounge. David is naked, a palm leaf sticker hiding his buttocks. NZ Pleasures.
David Shetland

North Shore48Updated 5 months agoPrivate

Roger Willcox lying on his side on a massage table, one knee bent up, wrist resting on knee, leaning up on other elbow. Roger wears a dark grey long sleeve top and grey shorts. NZ Pleasures.
Roger Wilcox

Dunedin35Updated 6 months agoPrivate

Lucas Maxx from hips to thighs, lying on back, legs apart, one hand holding crotch. Lucas wears black Calvin Klein boxers. NZ Pleasures.
Lucas Maxx

Christchurch34Updated 5 months agoPrivate

James Rune sitting on the couch leaning on one elbow on knee, hand on chin. James wears a dark green t-shirt and black pants and has short brown hair. NZ Pleasures.
James Rune

Christchurch19Updated 9 months agoPrivate

Luke posing with hands in jean pockets. Luke wears a white t-shirt, black jacket and black jeans. NZ Pleasures.

Wellington City26Updated 9 months agoPrivate

Dominic posing with the thumb of one hand pulling down his shorties and jeans, and pulling up his t-shirt in his mouth to show chest and stomach. Dominic has tattoos on his arms. NZ Pleasures.

Auckland CBD25Updated 9 months agoPrivate

Black and white cropped photo of Cody from nose to just below shoulder, side on to camera, head turned towards camera. NZ Pleasures.

Auckland CBD38Updated 9 months agoPrivate

Leo posing with arms crossed, leaning against the side of the wall. Leo wears dark grey dress pants and is very muscular. NZ Pleasures.

Auckland CBD23Updated 9 months agoPrivate

Black and white photo of Cain posing partially side on to camera, back to camera, pulling down the top of his underpants to under his buttocks. Cain wears a black sleeveless shirt and has tattoos. NZ Pleasures.

Auckland CBD22Updated 9 months agoPrivate

Will posing with hands in pant pockets. Will wears a white dress shirt that is undone to waist, and rolled up to elbows and black dress pants. NZ Pleasures.

Auckland CBD28Updated 9 months agoPrivate

Black and white photo of Jacques kneeling side on to camera, one hand between legs, head titled down. Jacques wears a black leather jacket that is undone. NZ Pleasures.

Auckland CBD20Updated 9 months agoPrivate

Adam sitting with one leg tucked under him, the other leg bent up, arm resting on top of knee, leaning forward on other hand that is behind him. Adam wears black shorties. NZ Pleasures.

Auckland CBD33Updated 9 months agoPrivate