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Why was my photo declined?

Declined photos happen because they do not fit within the image guidelines.

In addition, photos are declined if they’re in the incorrect image gallery.
For instance, revealing photos should be uploaded only to the VIP gallery.

Please review this list of Do’s and Don’ts. Ensure your image is ready to go live before you upload it.

Image Guidelines


  • Use photos of yourself
  • Use recent photos (preferably under 18 months old for instance)
  • Update your photos regularly
  • Upload quality resolution photos
  • Use plenty of light when taking photos
  • Use photos without watermarks
  • Keep photos with stickers or text to the selfie gallery only
  • Upload selfies to the selfie gallery
  • Upload raunchy/erotic/genitalia showing photos to VIP gallery only


Declined photos may include:

    • Stock photos
    • Stolen photos
    • Poor quality photos
    • Pixelated photos
    • Images with watermarks, text or stickers
    • Media to the wrong category
    • Images that depict unsafe sex acts
    • Photos cropped too tightly in addition to obscure or unrecognisable images


Declined photos; the photo on the left is a poor quality photo, pixelated and fuzzy. The photo on the right is high quality and crisp.Declined photos; no stolen or stock photosDeclined photo; an imaged cropped in too much causes pixilation and is poorly recognisable

Recommended Files and Sizes

  • Optimal images display at 800 x 1200 pixels
  • .jpg files only accepted
  • 10 MB is the maximum image file

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