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How do I upload or change my images?

To upload or change your images on NZ Pleasures:

  1. Log in to NZ Pleasures
  2. Click your name up the top of the screen
  4. Select the PHOTOS tab
  5. If you would like to add new images to the Cover Image, Listings, VIP, or Selfie galleries click on the ‘Add to Gallery”
  6. Click the ‘Upload Files’ Tab
  7. Click the ‘Select Files’ button
  8. Choose your images
  9. Click the ‘Select’ button
  10. If you are looking to load an already uploaded image simply click on the image and click the select button.

If you would like to remove your current header image click on the image and press the ‘X’ that appears, then click the Upload image.

View our Uploading Photos to NZ Pleasures Video by clicking the loading image below.

The screenshots below may also help.

Go to Edit Your Photo, click the photos tab, and then click the Add Image button
The three galleries for images, Listing Gallery, VIP Gallery and Selfie Gallery can be found at the bottom of the photos tab under the heading "Galleries".
Click on the tab "Upload Files" and then click the "Select Files" button