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New to sex work?

New to sex work, the stepping working guide providers sex workers with helpful information and resources.If you’re new to sex work, we at NZ Pleasures highly recommend you get in contact with or visit the offices of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective (NZPC). The NZPC is a nationwide organisation, with offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. They provide outreach programs throughout the central north island. Click here for their contact details.

The staff of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective can provide answers to all your newbie questions. They have resources on your rights, health and safety and understand the nuances of sex work. Above all, the collective is a non for profit organisation and run by sex workers.

The head office can be contacted:
Phone 04-382 8791

Celebrating 30 years of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective, a group of people wearing red, hold up umbrellas and smile for the camera.

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When you’re ready to advertise, setting up an NZ Pleasures profile is easy.

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There is also the Support portal should you have any questions.