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What is an Independent membership?

An Independent membership is for those users who work independently or privately and offer services such an escort/full service, sensual massage, BDSM/Fetish or online services.

An independent membership is only $19.95 per week and gives you (the advertiser) the ability to:

  • Create a profile advertising your services
  • Access the community pages 24/7
  • Access the support pages and to create support tickets
  • Edit and update your profile 24/7
  • Update your photos 24/7
  • Organise your photos by gallery: Main, VIP and Selfies
  • Switch your profile from “visible” to “hidden” in just a click
  • Switch ON your “Available Now” banner
  • Boost your profile to the top just by logging in and updating your ad
  • View your statistics
  • Adding touring dates and locations (COMING SOON)