NZ Pleasures Website Updates


WooHoo! We are live!  Welcome to NZ Pleasures 2.0 and our updates page!

Here you’ll find regular updates on the bugs and fixes continuously happening on the site. This site is BRAND SPANKING NEW and has been whipped up in record speed by a very talented developer, but as we all know, somethings technology doesn’t want to play nice, so every now and then a function may not work as you expected.

We appreciate your patience and continued support!

Submitting a bug

If you have found an issue with the site that is not listed above, you can submit a bug report through our support portal here:

Recent Updates

6 May 2021

  • We have added a fix to the location bug. Region and City are now required elements to save your profile.
  • Improvements have been made to mobile browsing.
  • We have removed the homepage addon and re designed the homepage for a better browsing experience.
  • Favourites have been added to the site. You will now see a star icon next to each advertiser with the option to add them to your favourites.
  • Load more scrolling has been added to the directory pages.

14 March 2021

  • In the process of bring on a new casual developer to help speed up our development timeline.
  • Started a 5 Month Free period. Runs from the 1.3.2021 through till the 31.8.2021
  • Weekly Home Page giveaway commenced 14.3.2021. Conditions: $4.95 added to NZ Pleasures Wallet for the winner of that weeks draw and allocated to Home Page Add-on immediately. Advertiser must be currently advertising. Must be used for Home Page Add-on and is not redeemable for cash. This draw is ongoing until notified otherwise.

12 March 2021

  • Notified by client through Twitter of the site being unreachable, showing 404 error. Cause of the error is unknown but we managed to get the site up and running within 10 minutes of notification.

November 19th

403s and Infinite Scroll

  • 403 issue – If you experience a 403, the HTTP status code meaning access to the requested resource is forbidden for some reason, please get in touch with us so we can resolve this issue for you. Use the I found a bug link above!
  • Infinite Scrolling – we have successfully implemented the infinite page scroll. Instead of multiple pages all profiles will continuously load. If you’re still seeing page numbers clear your cache.

November 11th

Image issues, Profiles not showing, Next Page error

  • Image issues – the problem we’re having with image uploading and saving is we have one server holding all the images and another server holds all the website information and they aren’t talking to each other very well. We will be continuing to work on this!
  • We noticed that a number of advertisers had ‘dropped off’ the pages today, possibly due to the image issue but we put a quick fix in place and now everyone is back. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.
  • When you press the ‘Next Page’ or page ‘2’ you may get bounced automatically to the top of the first page again. If you press next page or the 2 again it will take you to page 2. We hadn’t a goal in mind to have ‘Pages’ more of a ‘Load More’ option at the bottom of the main directory page. We will be working on the ‘Load More’ option soon which will eliminate this issue. This is also the same for the extra blank pages that you may see at the end of the page count.

November 3rd

Server crash

  • Our traffic levels spiked and the server said ‘nope, no more’. After a couple of frantic hours we managed to get it all upgraded and back to normal. Thank you for your patience.

November 1st

Fuzzy avatars

  • We are aware the community avatars are appearing fuzzy – this will be amended soon.

October 31st

  • Listings pages (directory, escorts, sensual massage, BDSM, online services) are currently paginated, appearing as pages 1,2,3 etc. This will be changed to continuous scroll soon.

October 28th

  • Location boxes not populating correctly when editing a profile.
    1. Update your browser or try another browser
    2. Go to your name in the top right, click the dropdown, select edit profile. Try editing the location from there
  • Unable to upload photos and video
    1. Go to your name in the top right corner
    2. Click the dropdown arrow
    3. Click edit profile
    You’ll now see the same edit profile system, but on a page instead of a pop up. Try uploading media from here.